Speed cameras in South Somerset from 15 April…

Avon & Somerset Police reveal latest list of mobile speed camera locations in Somerset…
They can be found at any of the following locations from Monday 15 April, so mind your speed!

A3098 Styles Hill, Frome (30mph) Site: 3297
A359 Station Road, Wanstrow (30mph) Site: 7049
A36 Standerwick (40mph) Site: 3217
A361 Doulting (30mph) Site: 3264
A361 Rode (30mph) Site: 7084
A362 Frome Road, nr jct B3139/A366, Radstock (40mph) Site: 2651
A362 Vallis Road, Frome (30mph) Site: 7019
A362 Warminster Road, Frome (30mph) Site: 7445
A362 Buckland Dinham (30mph) Site: 3250
A366 Church Street, Norton St Philip (20mph) Site: 7466
A366 Farleigh Road, Norton St Philip (20mph) Site: 7469
A366 Farleigh Hungerford (30mph) Site: 3158
A367 Fosseway, Stratton-on-the-Fosse (30mph) Site: 3286
A37 Gurney Slade (30mph) Site: 3228
A371 Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet (30mph) Site: 3087
A371 Prestleigh (30mph) Site: 7012
A39 High Street, Chewton Mendip (30mph) Site: 7001
A39 Bathway, Chewton Mendip (40mph) Site: 7120
Ash Lane, Wells (30mph) Site: 3222
B3081 Prestleigh Road, Evercreech (30mph) Site: 7055
B3090 Bath Road, Frome (30mph) Site: 7456
B3090 Fromefield, Frome (30mph) Site: 3203
B3090 Marston Road, Frome (30mph) Site: 7023
B3090 Oldford, Frome (30mph) Site: 7017
B3092 Culverhill, Frome (30mph) Site: 7090
B3092 West Woodlands, Nr Frome (40mph) Site: 3221
B3139 Broadway, Chilcompton (30mph) Site: 3214
B3139 Elm Close, Wells (30mph) Site: 7453
B3139 Wells Road, Bleadney (30mph) Site: 3278
B3139 Wells Road, Wookey (30mph) Sites: 7061 & 7083
Berkley Street, Berkley, nr Frome (30mph) Site: 3224
Burcott Road, Wells (30mph) Site: 3295
Catch Road, Nunney (20mph) Site: 6009
Chelynch Road, Doulting (30mph) Site: 7091
Clink Road, Frome (30mph) Site: 7089
Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet (30mph) Site: 7016
Old Frome Road, East Horrington (30mph) Site: 7446
Old Wells Road, Shepton Mallet (30mph) Site: 3207
Rossiter’s Hill, Frome (30mph) Site: 3292
Stoke Street, Rodney Stoke (20mph) Site: 3298
Tansey, Waterlip (30mph) Site: 7051
Waterloo Road, Shepton Mallet (30mph) Site: 7096
Wookey Hole Road, Wells (30mph) Site: 7099
A372 Main Road, Westonzoyland (30mph) Site: 2061
A38 Taunton Road, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 7053
A38 Taunton Road, North Petherton (40mph) Site: 2056
A38 Turnpike Road, Lower Weare (30mph) Site: 2059
A39 Bath Road, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 7046
A39 Quantock Road (30mph) Site: 2277
B3139 Blackford Road, nr Wedmore First School, Wedmore (20mph) Site: 2030
B3139 Mark Causeway (30mph) Site: 2055
B3139 Watchfield (30mph) Sites: 2239 & 2247
B3139, Blackford nr Blackford Moor Lane (30mph) Site: 2053
B3140 Berrow Road, Burnham-on-Sea (30mph) Site: 2047
B3141 Church Road, East Huntspill (30mph) Site: 2285
B3339 Wembdon Rise, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 2063
Cuck Hill, Shipham (30mph) Site: 2082
Dunwear Lane, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 2029
Durleigh Road, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 2058
Enmore, nr Enmore Primary School (20mph) Site: 2067
High Street, Spaxton (20mph) Site: 2066
Kings Drive, Bridgwater (30mph) Site: 2062
Love Lane, Burnham on Sea (30mph) Site: 2043
Marine Drive, Burnham On Sea (30mph) Sites: 2024 & 2025
Rodway, Cannington (30mph) Site: 2060

South Somerset
A30 High Street, Chard (30mph) Site: 6150
A30 West Coker Road, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6099
A303 Ilminster Bypass (60mph) Site: 6094
A303 Ilminster Bypass, nr Boxstone Hill overpass (60mph) Site: 6165
A303/A358 Southfields Roundabout (60mph) Site: 4016
A3088 Lysander Rd, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6083
A358 Donyatt (30mph) Site: 6059
A358 Furnham Road, Chard (30mph) Site: 6166
A359 Cole Road, Pitcombe (30mph) Site: 6106
A359 High Street, Sparkford (30mph) Site: 6149
A37 Ilchester Road, nr Yeovil College, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6000
A371 Cumnock Road, Castle Cary (30mph) Site: 3248
B3151 Ilchester (30mph) Site: 6032
B3151 Yeovilton (40mph) Site: 6159
B3153 Alford (30mph) Site: 6035
B3153 Clanville, Castle Cary (30mph) Site: 6162
B3165 Long Sutton (20mph) Site: 6134
B3167 Perry Street, nr Factory Ln, South Chard (30mph) Site: 6069
B3168 Westport (40mph) Site: 6154
Bayford Hill, Wincanton (30mph) Site: 6030
Cad Road, Ilton (40mph) Site: 6167
Combe Hill, nr jct Under Way, Combe St Nicholas (30mph) Site: 6082
Highway, Nr Ash (30mph) Site: 6139
Horton (30mph) Site: 6092
Newton Road, Stoford (30mph) Site: 6125
North Street, Drayton (30mph) Site: 6153
Podimore village (30mph) Site: 6143
Pound Road, Broadway (30mph) Site: 6147
Preston Grove, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6168
Preston Road, Nr St James Church, Yeovil (30mph) Site: 6145
Seavington St Michael (30mph) Site: 6090
Thorney Road, Kingsbury Episcopi (30mph) Site: 6152
West Lambrook, Nr jct West Lane (30mph) Site: 6063
Taunton Deane
A3259 Monkton Heathfield (30mph) Site: 4053
A358 Henlade Nr M5 junction 25 (30mph) Sites: 4006 & 4014
A38 Thurloxton (50mph) Site: 4042 (50mph) Site: 4042
A39 Holford (30mph) Site: 4034
College Way, Taunton (30mph) Site: 4033
Honiton Road, Staplehay (30mph) Site: 4078
Kingston Road, Taunton (30mph) Site: 4023
Lisieux Way, Taunton (30mph) Site: 4056
Nerrols Drive, Taunton (30mph) Site: 4035
Upper Holway Road, Taunton (30mph) Site: 4012

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